Bitcoin Rockets to 16-Month High: Fear & Greed Index Spikes to 66

• The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index recently spiked to a 16-month high of 66.
• This level was last seen in November 2021, a few days after Bitcoin hit its all-time high price of $70,000.
• The index suggests increased investor sentiment towards Bitcoin, which has risen by almost 30% in the past week.

Bitcoin Sentiment at 16-Month High

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index recently soared to 66, a level unseen since mid-November 2021 when Bitcoin hit its all-time high price of nearly $70,000. This indicates an increase in investor sentiment towards the primary cryptocurrency, which has been up around 30% for the past week.

What is the Fear and Greed Index?

The Fear and Greed Index is a metric that shows the overall sentiment towards bitcoin. It tracks various segments such as price volatility, social media comments, and surveys to determine investors‘ momentary attitude towards BTC. When it is above 50 it reflects “greed” territory and below 50 it reflects “fear” territory. Currently, it sits in “greed” territory at 66.

Cryptocurrency Resilience

Many cryptocurrencies have recently shown remarkable resilience to global economic issues surging to levels unseen in several months. The primary digital asset recently tapped $28500 increasing its price by almost 30% within one week – likely contributing to the higher fear and greed index rating.

Bear Market Loosening Its Grip

Crypto proponents believe that the bear market has finally loosened its grip on these assets with further bullish performance expected in the future backed by underlying fundamentals such as institutional investment interest continuing to grow into 2021/2022..


The recent surge of the Fear and Greed Index could be indicative of increased investor sentiment toward bitcoin due to its impressive performance over the past week alongside wider crypto markets showing remarkable resilience against current market conditions .