Chainalysis and Deloitte Join Forces to Track & Strengthen Blockchain Compliance

• Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company, has partnered with Deloitte, one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting firms.
• The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive solutions and services related to digital asset data and analytics.
• Chainalysis will leverage its proprietary blockchain dataset in combination with Deloitte’s forensic and investigative services, helping clients manage compliance programs.

Chainalysis and Deloitte Partnering

Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company and Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting, consulting, and professional service firms have announced a strategic alliance. The alliance is aimed towards offering comprehensive solutions for digital asset data and analytics leveraging Chainalysis’ proprietary blockchain dataset along with Deloitte’s forensic and investigative services. These services will help their shared customers to manage compliance programs.

Collaboration Aims & Objectives

The collaboration between Chainalysis and Deloitte will enable their clients to benefit from the exclusive blockchain dataset & analytics software provided by Chainalysis as well as training programs offered by Deloitte for digital asset risk management, analytics investigation & AML/KYC process regulatory compliance among other things.

Quotes From The Parties Involved

Commenting on the development Thomas Stanley President at Chief Revenue Officer at Chainslysis said “For law enforcement agencies with limited experience in cryptocurrency investigations or financial institutions looking to gain greater insight into their customer activities on public blockchains, having access to our combined capabilities will provide more confidence when making decisions related to cryptocurrency-related activities.“ Similarly John Skinner Partner at Forensic Technology Services at Deloite mentioned „By leveraging Chainalaysis‘ industry-leading tools alongside our deep expertise in digital assets we can offer clients an enhanced understanding of how cryptocurrencies are being used across different markets.“

Benefits Of The Collaboration

This partnership between two companies from different industries is beneficial for both parties as well as their shared customers. Companies like law enforcement agencies can now gain greater insight into their customer activities on public blockchains while financial institutions can make better decisions related to cryptocurrency-related activities which would allow them to identify illicit activity such money laundering faster.


This new strategic alliance provides an opportunity for all involved parties including customers who could benefit from the combined offerings of Chainalyssis & Delotte which includes proprietary datasets & analytical software coupled with forensic & investigative services that help manage compliance processes effectively.