Deepening Crisis at First Republic: What Does it Mean for Bitcoin?

• First Republic Bank has been under pressure since the recent bank failures in the US, leading to a massive withdrawal of $100 billion by depositors.
• The private-sector initiatives have failed to reach an agreement and now US officials are coordinating urgent talks for a rescue mission.
• The government’s involvement is helping bring more parties to the negotiating table, but it is not clear whether they will execute a private-sector rescue or not.

Deepening Crisis at First Republic Prompts Urgent Rescue Talks

First Republic Bank has experienced issues since early March this year, with their shares dropping to a record low after announcing that depositors withdrew over $100 billion in the first quarter. After recent bank failures in the United States sparked fears of a wider crisis, investors have been closely following the financial health of regional lenders, including First Republic.

Private Sector Initiatives

The private-sector initiatives are being led by the First Republic Bank’s advisers but are yet to reach an agreement. US officials have now stepped in to coordinate urgent talks to rescue the commercial bank founded in San Francisco in 1985.

Government Involvement

US government authorities that have started conducting meetings with financial companies include Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Treasury Department and Federal Reserve. The government’s participation is helping bring more parties such as banks and private equity firms to the negotiating table. There is still no clarity on whether they will execute a private-sector rescue or not.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Last month’s collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank drove fears of contagion across the banking sector which started this whole chain reaction for First Republic’s current situation.


At present, it remains unclear what will be done about First Republic’s crisis as negotiations between involved parties continue; however, one thing is certain: the involvement of US officials has brought much needed attention and possible solutions for saving this commercial bank from further downfall.